What to eat and drink for 10 Miles?

What to eat and drink for 10 Miles?

A good start is half the battle. Are you training for one of the biggest running events in the country? Or would you like to improve your running performance with the right nutrition? It is crucial to replenish your energy stores on time for longer distances. If you run for less than 60 to 90 minutes, the body uses glycogen from the muscles. When you run more than 90 minutes for longer distances, the glycogen stores are depleted and must be replenished in time. What do you have to eat and drink for a 10 Miles, and when?

Here are some helpful tips that can make a difference for you:


Every athlete has his/her own nutritional needs. In general, runners have a higher need for vitamins and minerals that cannot be met through a normal diet because of their efforts. Therefore, additional supplements such as 3Action Multivitamins are highly recommended.

Dinner the day before:

During dinner the day before, it is crucial to supplement carbohydrates. After all, carbohydrates fuel your body, and you need them while running. A meal containing white pasta, rice, couscous, etc., are a few examples of good sources of carbohydrates, or you can use the 3Action Carboloader to increase carbohydrate intake. Moreover, try to avoid too much protein and fiber. Furthermore, your running performance depends on fluid loss. It is essential to start your run well hydrated. Your hydration starts the day before your physical effort and consists mainly of water. A good indicator is the color of your urine. This should be light yellow to clear in color with adequate fluid intake.

Breakfast on the event day:

It is best to eat an easily digestible breakfast with carbohydrates 2.5 to 3 hours before exercise. Good examples are sandwiches with sweet toppings, low-fat yogurt with muesli, or cornflakes with skimmed milk. Even now, good hydration is essential. This can be done by an electrolyte solution using 3Action Hydration Tabs or an isotonic sports drink such as 3Action Sports Drink.

Before the start:

An hour to half an hour before starting, you can eat a small snack such as an energy bar. Examples are 3Action Energy Xtra bar, 3Action Nougat Energy bar, or 3Action Carbofruit. To supplement carbohydrates and fluids, you can drink a sports drink 10 minutes before the exercise, but do not drink too much, so you do not have to go to the toilet constantly.

During the effort:

If you run less than 90 minutes, you only need fluids, possibly supplemented with electrolytes like 3Action Hydration Tabs. The amount of fluid corresponds to approximately two small cups or a 500ml bottle. If you run longer than 90 minutes, you also need to replenish energy. You need about 60g of carbohydrates/hour. Furthermore, try to avoid solid foods. This can cause gastrointestinal complaints while running. To replenish, choose 500ml isotonic sports drink per hour of effort, e.g., 3Action Sports Drink and an energy gel (e.g., 3Action Energy gel or 3Action Liquid Energy gel) or 500ml of water and two energy gels. This way, your body gets enough energy during your physical activity.

After running:

Immediately after a long, intensive effort, the body needs extra carbohydrates, proteins, and fluids. Drink plenty of water and, for example, the 3Action Recovery Shake. The combination of carbohydrates and proteins in the 3Action Recovery Shake replenishes the glycogen stores and helps the muscles recover after an endurance effort. In addition, it is recommended to eat a meal within two hours after your exercise performance to refill your macronutrients storages to standard.

Maybe the 3Action Marathon Pack is something for you? This package contains the necessary energy products to smoothly get you through the 10 miles.

Under the motto “A good start is half the battle,” it is essential to pay sufficient attention to what you eat and drink before, during, and after an endurance effort such as 10 miles. Are you ready to break your running record?


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