What is an energy gel?

What is an energy gel?

Every physical effort requires an energy expenditure that needs to be compensated for, for example by energy gels. The goal is to quickly replenish the depleted energy reserves and thereby also to delay fatigue during training or racing and to continue to perform optimally.

An energy gel is a very carbohydrate-rich liquid substance in a flexible packaging. Energy gels are not only convenient to take with you on the road, but also easy to consume. Energy gels are quickly absorbed by the body and therefore they quickly give extra energy. This makes an energy gel the ideal ally for endurance athletes (cyclists, runners, trail runners, triathlon, etc.)



The energy gels of 3Action Sports Nutrition are easily absorbed because of their texture and composition. They are naturally gluten and lactose free and available in various flavors and packagings.

The 3Action Energy Gels in flavors Lemon and Strawberry are available in a 34g pack and very concentrated (75% carbohydrates), so it is recommended to rinse the mouth with some sips of water or sports drink. These Energy Gels contain around 25g of carbohydrates per portion.

The Liquid Energy Gels, on the other hand, are very liquid, so can be taken without water. They are available in 55ml tear packs, in two flavors, Blackcurrant and Apple. 40mg of natural caffeine (guarana) has been added to the Liquid Energy Gels Apple for an extra focus and stimulating effect. Just like the Energy Gels, these Liquid Energy gels contain 25g of carbohydrates per serving.

The 3Action Energy Drink Lemon-Lime, available in a 75ml packaging with twist-off cap, is a real drink gel. Due to the slightly larger packaging, and the twist-off cap, this Energy Drink does not have to be consumed in one go. One serving contains 43g of carbohydrates.



3Action Energy Gels have many advantages for athletes:

- Fast source of energy

- Easy to consume

- Lightly digestible

- Useful packaging

- Gluten and lactose free

- Tasty flavors



The recommended intake during any endurance training or race of more than 1.5 hours is 60g of carbohydrates / hour. On the basis of your training duration, the amount of carbohydrates per energy gel and whether or not you take carbohydrates in another  form (for example sports drinks and / or energy bars), you can calculate how much energy gels you should take with you.

Through the combination of different sugars, including  Palatinose, the 3Action Energy Gels not only provide you a quick boost but also improve the spreading of the energy supply in our body.

Hydration, however, also remains a priority, so be sure to drink enough in addition to your carbohydrate intake!

Our last tip: don't forget to test your energy gels during your training sessions! During these training sessions you can already test the flavors, textures and effects of the energy gels on your performance and your metabolism.

Good luck!

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