Which recovery products suit you best as an athlete?

Which recovery products suit you best as an athlete?

Do you exercise regularly? In that case, proteins are of great importance to you. Proteins are the building blocks of our body. More specifically, all body cells and muscle cells are made up of proteins. When you exercise, small tears appear in the muscle fibers. We can restore these by amino acids that we get from proteins in our diet. Taking in a sufficient amount of protein, therefore, plays a major role in your recovery and, consequently, your athletic performance. Not only does it help with optimal recovery, but it also increases your muscle mass and strength. In other words, proteins are indispensable for every type of athlete (endurance sports, strength sports, team sports, racket sports, etc.).

How much protein do you need?

The amount of protein you need depends on your body weight and the physical effort your body has to make. In general, we say you need between 1-1.2g/kg body weight for recreational athletes, between 1.2-1.6g/kg body weight for endurance athletes, and between 1.6-2.2g/kg body weight for power athletes. When you exercise frequently, your body's protein requirement is higher than when you don't exercise. Moreover, we get proteins from our daily diet, but this is often insufficient for athletes. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement the daily diet with protein products such as a protein shake or bar.

Below we listed various recovery products for you, so you can easily choose which products suits your physical effort best. After all, a good recovery is just as important as good training.

3Action Recovery Shake

Immediately after a long, intensive exercise, the body needs extra carbohydrates and proteins. The carbohydrates replenish the glycogen stores and the extra proteins stimulate muscle recovery after an endurance effort. You can supplement your needs with the 3Action Recovery Shake. It consists of a combination of carbohydrates and proteins and contains a special anti-cramp formula. Furthermore, the 3Action Recovery Shake is especially suitable after intensive or prolonged exercise.

3Action Whey protein shake

This is a protein shake based on high-quality whey proteins, including a high dose of BCAAs and glutamine. Whey proteins have a high biological value and are quickly digested and absorbed by the body. This Whey Protein Shake contains no added carbohydrates but provides the body with necessary proteins and essential amino acids to promote muscle recovery during shorter physical activity. Due to the fast digestion and absorption, the proteins quickly reach muscles cells, which is ideal directly after a workout. Because this shake contains no added sugars, this is the perfect recovery shake for every type of athlete. Did you know that whey proteins are also suitable for vegetarians?

3Action Night Protein Shake

The 3Action Night Protein Shake mainly consists of casein proteins. These are slow proteins with a longer release time of 6-8 hours. It can take several hours for this protein form to be fully absorbed by the body. When taken in before bedtime, it can help stimulate muscle recovery during the night. Just like whey proteins, casein is also suitable for vegetarians. It suits all athletes who want to recover during the night from strenuous exercises in the daytime.

3Action Protein Bar

Do you not like a protein shake, but are you still looking for an easy, protein-rich alternative? Then you can always opt for a protein bar. The 3Action Protein Bar is made of a mix of whey proteins, casein, and carbohydrates. The protein mix supports muscles growth and recovery. The perfect alternative immediately after physical activity or as a quick protein snack throughout the day.

3Action BCAA

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids are 3 essential amino acids, consisting of Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine, which cannot be produced by our body. We must therefore obtain to take these in sufficient amounts through food and/or supplements. Essential amino acids support various sports performance functions. It is an important element for muscle recovery by building muscle proteins, which leads to a higher muscle quality. The BCAAs (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine) are added in a 2:1:1 ratio for optimal muscle building and recovery. It can be beneficial for strength, team, or racket athletes.

3Action Protein Oats on the go

3Action Protein Oats is made of oatmeal and whey proteins, packed in a convenient portion packaging. Oatmeal makes you feel full and is rich in fiber, protein, B vitamins, and minerals. 3Action Protein Oats on the go can be eaten at any time of the day as breakfast, as a protein-rich snack, or as a recovery snack. One serving contains approximately 20g of protein. In summary, a perfect meal to start your day or snack to get you through your day.

Above all, you need to remember that using the right products, is the key to success!


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