Cyclo pack

Cyclo pack

A pack with the necessary energy products for cyclists.

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This package contains energy products to handle long trainings and/or races.



  • Use a 3Action Energy Drink Lemon just before the start of the race to keep the blood sugar level stable and leave with a filled fuel tank.


  • Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking 3Action Sports Drink regularly. Ideally, every fifteen minutes a 150 to 200 ml drink, under normal weather conditions. The 3Action Sports Drinks in this package are individual portions, convenient to take along on the go.
  • Use the 3Action Energy Bar and the 3Action Energy Xtra Bar at regular intervals during the race. Try to take an average of 60g of carbohydrates (sports drink included) per hour.
  • During difficult parts of the race or towards the end, you can use 3Action Energy Gels or 3Action Liquid Energy Gels to quickly and easily provide you with  the necessary energy.
  • When you have taken the concentrated 3Action Energy Gel, rinse it with a sip of water / sports drink.
  • At the end of the race, about the last 45 minutes, you can take the 3Action Guarana to get an extra boost. Guarana, is a natural form of caffeine and provides a boosting effect. In addition, Peppermint has been added to the 3Action Guarana, giving you the immediate  feeling that you are taking more oxygen.


  • Drink a portion of 3Action Recovery Shake as soon as possible after arrival (preferably within 30 minutes) to replenish both your energy reserves and promote your muscle recovery.


The Cyclo pack contains the following products: 1x Sports Drink Lemon 500g, 1x Recovery Shake Chocolate 40g, 1x Energy Gel Strawberry, 1x Energy Gel Lemon, 1x Liquid Energy Gel Apple, 1x Liquid Energy Gel Blackcurrant, 1x Energy Drink Lemon 75ml, 2x Energy Xtra bar, 2x Energy Bar Banana, 1x Guarana, 1x Bidon 500ml

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