Magnesium Xtra

Magnesium Xtra

Ampoule with liquid magnesium. Prevents muscle weakness and muscle cramps, improves energy during exercise.

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Lactose free Gluten free Vegan

3Action Magnesium Xtra is a liquid dietary supplement with magnesium and vitamin C, sugars and sweetener.

In the sports world, magnesium is known as a mineral to prevent muscle weakness and muscle cramps. Magnesium does not only take care of the relaxation of the muscles and a faster recovery but regulates as well the heart rate and blood pressure. That is also why Magnesium can be called the ‘anti-stress mineral’. 

Because of physical exercise and a lot of sweat loss, the body of athletes has an increased need for magnesium. Extra intake of a magnesium supplement is highly recommended for athletes and physically active people of all ages.

Flavour: Mangosteen


  • 263 mg Magnesium (70% RI*)
  • 92 mg vitamin C (115% RI*)
  • Glutenfree and lactosefree
  • Prevents muscle weakness and crampes
  • Improves energy during exercise
  • Anti-stress
  • Delicious taste

*RI: Reference Intake 

Directions: Drink 1 ampoule a day before or after exercise/ Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep away from children. A food supplement can not be used as a substitute to a healthy and varied diet.

Packaging: in ampoules of 25 ml





Ingredients: water,  anti-oxidant: citric acid, dextrose, isomaltulose (=Palatinose), sugar, magnesium carbonate, vitamin C, magnesium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, acesulfame-K, flavouring: mangosteen, preservatif: potassium sorbate.

1 ampoule (25 ml)/day 

Nutritional information

Per 25ml


263mg (70%*)

Vit. C

92mg (115%*)


* % recommended daily allowance 

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